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Even before porn, Donnie Rock got his thrill from rolling around with sweaty bodies. But wrestling, as it turns out, would not be in the long-term plans for this Pennsylvanian's future. Yes, before he came to the adult entertainment industry, Donnie was an accomplished grappler; an all-star in school, a Division 1 champion in college, and even a legitimate contender on the international stage. But much like his tenure in the sport, Donnie is a guy who can't be pinned down for long! Moving from the east coast to Colorado to work first as a ski instructor before starting his own property management company, Donnie eventually lost his biggest match of all when his girlfriend broke up with him one fateful night. Aimless and devastated, he did what most men would do in his position: look at internet porn. During his search, he found an ad for a new reality show - The Sex Factor - which was taking applications for new contestants. Taking the shot on a whim, he was invited to fly to LA and try out. Having competed soundly in the show's popular first season, Donnie Rock became a legitimate star, and has been working solidly in the business since. A Crossfit enthusiast with a degree in Geology and many athletic awards to his name, Donnie is now turning heads and getting nods as a porn star on the rise, known just as much for his big, hard cock and superhuman endurance as he is for his chilled out, laid back attitude on set. He may be new, but Donnie Rock is already a true champion of the porn game.

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