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Kiley JayTeen Kiley Jay is a real handful--literally. At 4'11" and only 80 pounds, this raven-haired spinner is tiny enough to pick up and manhandle for a stand-and-carry, or even for a reverse shoulder ride as you eat her sweet little pussy. Kiley can be a handful in other ways, too: this bisexual babe loves being dominated and getting her cute curvy ass spanked, so she definitely needs a partner who knows how to handle her! Not long into her porn career, it quickly became clear that she's a natural. Although she confesses she's a bit shy and was worried about having sex in front of so many people when she started in the industry, from her first day on set, Kiley's loved fucking on camera. She's always relaxed and having a great time in all her scenes, whether she's licking pussy, deepthroating, or getting fucked hard! This tiny stunner also takes her work home with her, doing private cam shows for her fans, who all agree that with her huge appetite for dick and her love of video games, cuddles, and bacon, Kiley is the perfect woman!
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