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Michelle TaylorKnown for her breathtaking facial features and stunning, natural tits, Michelle Taylor is quickly becoming one of the hottest new starlets to grace the XXX industry with her scintillating presence. But before this ravishing chick put her pretty, pink pussy on camera, Michelle busted her ass working as a waitress in Florida. Long hours and rude clientele weren't her cup of tea, so on a whim she sent out a few titillating nude photos, hoping to hear back from one of Miami's thriving pro-am websites. Little did she know, her gorgeous face would attract virtually every porn producer from Florida to California! Opportunities like that don't come knocking every day, so Miss Taylor traded in her apron for a G-string, and started a career more suited to her boisterous and slutty personality. Now that she's no longer counting tips, Michelle has big plans for all the dough she's been raking in. For as long as she can remember, this pretty brunette has wanted to open an animal sanctuary for big cats. She has always felt a strong connection with lions, and relates to their wild and untamed nature. A true adrenaline-lover, this lusty hottie has been on the hunt for the most extreme way to make money, and what crazier job is there than to fuck hundreds of strangers and inspire millions of dirty fantasies with her bouncy tanned ass? As a porn starlet, Michelle can now satisfy her thrill-seeking impulse, while watching her bank account number rise. With the way she's been booked lately, this unruly hussy will have the funds to open her sanctuary in just a few years. But in the meantime, porn fans can enjoy her raw sex appeal and raging libido right here in the scenes below.
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