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Riley ReynoldsLots of pornstars love their jobs, but for Brian Omally, it's a lot more than that. "Porn saved my life," the tall stud says, explaining that he used to run with a bad crowd and was never able to hold down a normal job for long. When his girlfriend left him, that seemed like the final straw, but it led to his porn debut where he started to turn it all around. In addition to his fucking skills, Brian discovered he had surprisingly good business sense, and soon he was building an empire as a talent agent, director, and producer as well as male pornstar. Suddenly the guy who'd always come last was at the head of the game, with thousands of fans and a super hot starlet on his arm, the lovely Gia Paige. These days, Brian is constantly fielding requests for advice from guys who want to do what he did, but he laughs, "People say ‘teach me your ways,’ but those are secrets I’m not going to share." See if you can pick up some tips in this stud's videos now!
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