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Rina EllisExotic beauty Rina Ellis is the definition of "free spirit." This stunning half-Japanese beauty has wandering in her DNA: she was born in South Korea and raised all over the US, so Rina doesn't consider any place in particular to be her hometown. Instead, the whole world is this babe's playground! Rina has always been too restless to stay in any spot for long. As soon as she was old enough, she set off for Europe and parts unknown! To support her travel habit, as well as indulge her insatiable libido, Rina started working as a camgirl while on her travels. With her petite body and striking features, she became popular throughout Europe and the US. Pretty soon, offers started rolling in to star in adult films on both sides of the Atlantic! This babe made her debut in 2016 and still shows no signs of settling down, frequently making trips to the US and all around Europe. It's no surprise that Rina doesn't like to stay put when it comes to her personal life, either--Rina's idea of the perfect vacation is to travel somewhere sunny and nearly as hot as she is!
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