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Zoey MonroeDetroit darling Zoey Monroe is your teenage fantasy come to life. An actual certified babysitter, this horny, squirting sensation burst onto the scene in 2012 at the age of 20. When asked why she chose the adult world, she replied with a grin, "I love sex and I love money!" She may look like a shy girl-next-door, but shortly after getting into the biz this tiny blonde was shooting hardcore, foot fetish, and anal scenes. She confesses that she chose her porn name the old fashioned way: from the name of her puppy and a street she grew up on. Tastefully inked with flowers and stars, and with piercings through her pretty nipples, blonde blue-eyed Miss Monroe is half badass, half all-American beauty queen, and we just can't get enough of her.
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Pornstar Zoey Monroe

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