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Jake AdamsEver heard that X-rated theory about men with big feet? Well, all-American newcomer Jake Adams won't be proving it wrong! Because hiding under this tall gent's trousers is one of the biggest packages in XXX. Just looking at his thick joystick is enough to get his co-starlets wet, wild, and ready to ride! But believe it or not, becoming a great pornstar does take more than a stellar cock. Lucky for Jake Adams, he has a few more tricks tucked away! From his deep voice to charming smile, seduction comes second nature to this tattooed hottie, and once in bed with his wooed lady, he knows every sex move in the book. It was Jake's enthusiasm for pleasing pussy that won over porn execs in 2016. After all, what's a well-hung hunk worth if he can't make his lovers moan, squirt, and cum?

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