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Kitty CarreraNo matter how hard petite babe Kitty Carrera tries to act like the demure, good girl her cute freckled face makes her appear to be, her nasty nature always comes out! Anything but quiet and shy, Kitty confesses that one of her wildest escapades happened when she and a friend decided to go get a massage together. Their masseuse was unexpectedly sexy, and the feel of his hands on Kitty's tattooed skin and skimming over her big booty got her so hot and bothered, she and her pal couldn't resist seducing the lucky guy into a hot threesome! Kitty adds, "he made me squirt all over the place!" Wherever Kitty goes, a trail of sexual mayhem (and possibly her squirt!) is sure to follow, which makes it easy to catch up with all Kitty's naughty adventures right here.
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