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Tony RubinoThe ultimate guy's guy, Tony Rubino is living every bro's dream: traveling the globe in search of the finest asses the world has to offer. Whether he's in Miami, Brazil, or just cruising the streets of LA, this handsome hunk always has his eye out for honeys with big, luscious butts, prepped and poised for his thick dick. No matter the size, no matter the color, Tony is a man for all booties, but if he had to choose, he likes 'em fat, he likes 'em thick, and he likes 'em extra juicy! This dastardly dude made a name for himself as a director and actor, boosting his trickster brand and earning a reputation as a real joker. With all the smooth-talking Casanovas and European lovers out there, the biz urgently needed a silly stud with a penchant for anal to shake things up a bit!

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